Finally have all of my medication from the hospital

They’ve over-done it a bit though as I know have enough mercaptopurine and mesalasine to last me several months! I’ve got nine weeks of prednisolone (the extra week of 40mg daily was mostly given whilst in hospital, so only eight weeks left). I’m taking Adcal-D3, co-trimoxazole and colicalciferal for the duration of the steroid course, and the next humira doses are in just over a week. Then it’s once every two weeks.

They also gave me some fortisip drinks, like last time, to help get my nutrition intake whilst I recover.

I’m exhausted from going through everything but I’ll admit I’d be totally lost if I didn’t have Medisafe on my phone. For those who don’t know, it’s an app that allows you to list all your medications, when and how many you have to take, and it’ll remind you to take them at the right times. You can “take”, “skip”, or “reschedule” meds which is so much easier than setting alarms all over the place. It can be a tad glitch-y but it’s been mostly fine for me. I’m sure there are other medication apps out there but this is the one I found works for me. Does anyone else you an app like this to keep track of their meds?

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