Inflammatory bowel disease should never be misconstrued for someone having an eating disorder. We eat what our bodies can handle and we eat as much as we can. Never be quick to be overcritical of our eating habits because to you they may be unusual, but to us, they are our safe foods. We do not need a lecture on how to eat healthy or what we should be eating instead, but rather we don’t your input unless we ask for it. If one were to read up on inflammatory bowel disease, you would see we have to worry about several trigger foods. These foods oftentimes bring on our symptoms and are difficult for us to digest. There is a difference between telling us what to eat and asking us what we can eat. Learn about the inflammatory bowel disease first before you decide to sit there and dictate what foods we should be eating to work towards living a healthier lifestyle. We cannot eat whatever we want and we, as the patients, are very aware of the kinds of foods that our bodies can no longer tolerate.

Wade Sutherland (via fellowibders)

This is something I wish I could share with certain people. It’s hard not to come across as defensive or ungrateful when telling someone that you know better than them what your body can handle.

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