Flexi over but…

They didn’t find any reason for my flare symptoms during my flexi, only that my inflammatory markers were up. They did an x-ray on my stomach which came back clear, so they have increased my mercaptopurine from 25mg to 50mg daily. I’m also starting a month trial of colesevelam hydrochloride tomorrow (which, apparently, is something to do with salt malabsorption?). They have decided not to change my infusion (yet) so I’ll be staying on the infliximab for the time being. Oh, and I’ll be taking cholecalciferol for the foreseeable future to get my vitamin D levels back up.

Although I’ll be rattling with all the tablets I’ll be taking, I will be home for Christmas and, with a bit of luck, be feeling a little better from the extra meds to be able to eat dinner without an immediate dash to the bathroom afterwards.

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