Hey y’all. It’s been a week since I started this blog and just over a week since I started posting on my main blog about this project. And while I got a few testimonials and followers the first few days, I’ve had practically no activity in the last couple of days.

SiM isn’t something that I’m going to let fall by the wayside. I want to make these changes at my school whether or not SiM takes off as a more widespread initiative. But I also want SiM to be as far reaching as possible. We can’t change stigma in medicine unless we are fighting that stigma in more than 1 place. Doing this just at my school isn’t going to change things for anyone but optometry students who are able to go to Boston. 

I can’t do this on my own. I’m literally one person who is in graduate school trying to do this. I can’t change institutions of higher learning/medicine by myself. I can’t go to every optometry, dental, nursing, and PA school to implement the changes I’ll be trying to make at my school. I can’t create my own testimonials to demonstrate why SiM is so needed and important. So please,  spread the word about SiM. If we don’t get the word out, change can’t be made. 

Reblogging to spread the word but to also ask anyone who may be able/want to help to please do so.

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