Scope #4 10/11/16




Since it’s almost 2am, I figured I’d make a post! I go in for a scope again at 1pm later today.
Yay! *sarcasm*
Having to fast on (Canadian) Thanksgiving Monday really sucked. But I know tomorrow after my scope I’m coming home to pj’s, tea, a piece of pie and hopefully cuddles with my love.
I’m having a flexible sigmoidoscopy, and I know apparently that’s the least invasive one but it has always been the most painful one for me. The last time I had it done I cried through it and the nurse had to hold me and brush my hair to keep my calm. Not to mention the prep (enema’s) were so much more painful for me (could’ve been the really bad flare up I was in) than the oral prep (orange flavoured powder). Maybe I’m the only one like that??? Please let me know if I am. But I’m confident that I have a pretty high pain tolerance.
Anyway, this time around my amazing GI is letting me have some anaesthetic and I got to do the powdered oral prep that’s usually taken for a full colonoscopy.
I’m exhausted, and I’m so much pain, and I’m not really feeling optimistic about this because my last scope came up with no answers. I’m at that point where I’m second guessing everything, and it’s a really bad place to be.
Oh well, I’m just requesting some good vibes and prayers please. I hope you all are pushing through and doing well, and don’t be afraid to reach out and ask me for anything💜

You were awake for a colonoscopy? I’ve never been awake and I’ve had at least 8 or 9 done now….That’s….Jesus, you are tough. I hope you find some answers and start feeling better! Good luck! Take tomorrow easy, you deserve the rest 🙂

I was awake through my colonoscopy too. They said they might need me to switch sides so I had to be concious. I had a mild sedative and pain killers though. The flexi was definitely the most painful and the enema prep is uncomfortable to say the least. I hope it all goes well for you.

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