Happy day


The week is almost over (I still have to work tomorrow) but I’ve been ok; I’ve eaten normally and not had much in the way of cramps and no rushes to the bathroom. (Yay! ) This probably means my cocktail of daily medication is working but I guess we’ll review that in four weeks when I finish the prednisolone.
I haven’t been having the best nights sleep this week but I’ve at least slept some and still been able to function at work. It’s only this evening that I’m feeling really tired.
I’ve put in for more meds from my doctor this week as the hospital only gave me one months supply but I’ll hopefully have enough to keep me going until I finish the steroids. I think I only need to be taking the Adcal-D3 and folic acid whilst on taking the them anyway.
So, it looks like positive vibes are back and staying put for now. Having the rats has really helped as they’ve given me something to distract me from myself but also brought quite a bit of energy and life to our flat; they run around playing most of the evening and all night, and are the most adorable things ever.
On top of that, there’s less than two weeks until I go to Lincoln to visit my sister. I’m so excited to be going to one of my favourite cities to see one of my favourite people in the world; it’s been too long.

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