Let me introduce you to an amazing little company called “ A Bear Named Buttony

These are all teddy bears, and yes, they have ostomies

They make these teddy bears for kids from 0 to 18 who have had to have surgery to have an ostomy. They do not charge for the bears but ask parents if they could possibly donate, to keep it going. (I have donated and have a bear on the way.. yes i am 5 at heart…)

They are partnered with The Breakaway Foundation, a british weekend camp for kids with bowel and bladder dysfunctions and diversions, which I have attended myself and it was truly amazing. 

Here is the fundraiser where you can donate, and Here is the facebook page so you can follow these bears in action.

Please reblog, share, screenshot, etc. I want these bears to be known, so kids with stomas can have a little buddy that can teach them, be there for them, and make them feel less alone. 

Just donated. This is such a cute project and I think it’s really important to show kids with chronic illnesses they aren’t alone.

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