So I’ve started having tingling in my limbs as well as the muscle spasms. Also I feel like I can’t think and I blank out constantly. I forget what things are called and forget what I’m talking about mid sentence. This has all gotten significantly worse in the past two weeks. I trip over my words when I’m speaking and feel like my words are slurred, and sometimes say them in the wrong order. I’m worried and scared. I don’t know what’s happening.

I totally relate to this. I’ve been feeling the same symptoms for the past year and a half or so. It feels like I’ve got this terrible brain fog that hangs over me for weeks at a time and then I’ll feel randomly fine, but I feel like an utter idiot in conversation bc I can’t get anything decent out. Sometimes, it feels like my mind is about 5 seconds behind my thoughts..I told my primary about this and she said it could be Fibromyalgia…Hang in there, bud. 

I get this a lot at work. I’m customer facing and have to give a lot of information verbally to people all day. Sometimes, I’ll be mid-sentence and I’ll suddenly forget what I just said or where I got upto in my explanation of something. I sometimes stumble over my words and I feel really stupid. I’ve tried slowing down but it doesn’t always help. I wonder if it’s related to my UC.

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