Was having lower left abdominal pain all throughout yesterday. Could be because I decided to start reintroducing starchier vegetables into my diet (yam soup, uptake on eggs etc) giving the area of my Sigmoid colon a hard time. Its likely still inflamed/backed up with diverticulitis/polyps. Tender and painful to the touch, I decided to lovingly massage my entire abdomen during my Qigong/meditation session. I could feel the gas and pressure responding to my firm caressing. During my BM release ritual this morning there was no blood, still some resistance and *4-5 on Stool chat, but overall well formed. Today I will try not to eat too much starch and have more soothing foods, but must be careful not to under eat as I need the energy for work, especially If I remain stubborn and push myself a little.

Been feeling a little tender on my left side today so I tried this out during my lunch. I’ll guess I’ll see how the afternoon goes. Thanks for posting.

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