Shoutout to people with degenerative and progredient diseases/disabilities! Shoutout to people whose illnesses/disabilities won’t get better and/or will only get worse! Shoutout to people trying to deal with this prognosis and knowing they cannot be healed and having to take meds for the rest of their lives that can only keep their symptoms somewhat in check! 

Shoutout to people who permanently lose abilities all the time! Shoutout to people who are afraid of their future because of this! Shoutout to people who see a rapid decline in their health every day! 

Shoutout to people who know it will kill them or drastically shorten their life expectancy, and to people whose life expectancy isn’t affected much but who are losing quality of life at an alarming rate! 

Shoutout to people who often feel like they can’t go on this way! Shoutout to people who are losing hope!

All of you, all of us, are valuable and important. Your lives matter, you deserve being alive and you are strong and amazing for having come this far. 

You deserve having wishes and goals, you deserve striving for happiness, you deserve being at peace. You also deserve not wanting to think or worry about these things and just existing. 

Your life isn’t worth less if you cannot “accomplish” anything in the eyes of society, and if you only want to survive. You are enough the way you are, and you are good, and you don’t owe anyone.

[paragraph breaks added for accessibility]

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