Second day back


The cold is now in full swing so it looks like the immunosuppressants I’m on are doing what they’re meant to. It’s good because, along with the steroids, they’re keeping my symptoms at bay, but bad because they open me up to every other infection out there. I just hope I can get rid of this one soon so I can feel better about being back at work.

Speaking of which, today was ok but a lot more tiring than yesterday. We had a lot more customers in today despite the weather being quite miserable. It didn’t help there were only two of us in the whole day. Tomorrow should be better as there will be three of us in.

I’m going to try for an early night again tonight as last night I didn’t get to sleep until two in the morning because my cough kept me awake. I’ve found honey and lemon juice mixed with hot water helps soothe it a little so I’ll try that again before bed along with the cough syrup I’ve been taking today too.

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