Recovery day #4


Slept a bit better last night but it would seem the weather’s turning cold so extra blankets were needed.
I’m getting used to my new medication routine; get up around seven for morning meds, have afternoon meds with lunch and then the last load at dinner. I don’t normally have breakfast so it’s easier for me to take my prednisolone with lunch rather than force food down my throat each morning.
Speaking of food, I’m trying almond milk at the moment. I’ve never had it before but I hear it’s a good alternative to normal milk which I’ve been told to avoid if I’m flaring.
Luckily, my symptoms seem to be mostly under control since restarting the steroids so it’s not as painful after I’ve eaten. I’m still not able to eat as much as I used to, but I’m getting there. I figure build up with small meals and snacks but don’t ignore my body when it tells me it’s had enough.

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