Not the best week…


So, all this week I’ve been very tired. I tried taking feroglobin but it was starting to make me feel sick so I stopped and went without any energy supplements which was probably a bad idea. I managed five days straight working with a late night finish in the middle ok but I don’t really want to try and do that again; I’m still quite tired despite going to bed early last night and sleeping in much later than normal this morning. It probably hasn’t helped that my stomach did a very strange thing this morning and rejected my breakfast – along with possible some of my meds – not once but thrice!

I only had rice cakes because I don’t have any gluten-free cereal in the flat nor did I have any bread for toast. I don’t know if it was because of the rice cakes or because I took my prednisolone, azathioprine and adcal-d3 at the same time as my mesalazine or something entirely different. I wouldn’t have thought it’d be because I took them all together but it happens again I think it’s something I’d need to talk to my doctor about. I’m feeling much better now and food at least staying down so that’s a plus. I’m planning on an early night again; got to be up early to get my blood test done.

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