Not a bad day but could have been better


I’ve been a bit more tired today so I’m thinking I’ve hit that point where, if I’m not careful, I’ll crash before the end of the week. I had two cups of caramel tea today because I needed the boost in the afternoon, and it was kind of tempting to get one on the way home too. I resisted because I just wanted to go home and have something to eat.

Also, my stomach has started hurting again and I’ve noticed it’s happening more, and usually shortly after eating. I’m not sure if I should be worried. It’s not a crippling pain but it’s enough to distract me from whatever I’m doing. Thankfully, work wasn’t very busy today so it was manageable, but if it get’s busy over the weekend, I might have some problems. I may have to play it safe and go back to plain food again for a while, and if it’s continues, call my doctor. The only thing is, it’s the only symptom; the rest of my gut is fine right now so I don’t know if I’d be over-reacting by calling them… I’ll see what the next week is like and then decide. Hopefully, it settles and I won’t have to worry. I have just under three weeks until I visit my sister up north and I refuse to be sick during it.

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