Monday morning update


I didn’t actually sleep any better last night. I think I sort of crashed because I woke up with a headache which usually happens if I don’t sleep right.
The doctor came round as well and said I’m doing much better. They are going to start the infliximab infusion this morning, get me onto oral steroids and, if everything goes well, they’ll be looking at sending me home either today (fingers and toes crossed) or tomorrow. They said they need to monitor me for at least the first half hour but they’ll know if all is ok within three hours of the infusion finishing.
Because I’m on mesalazine, mercaptopurine, steroids and starting infliximab, they’re also going to put me on antibiotics because all my other drugs suppress my immune system a lot so I’m a lot more susceptible to other infections and diseases. I’m going to be rattling again but if it makes me better, I am not complaining.

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