Lunchtime update


The caramel tea I had this morning seems to have done the trick; I’m still tired but not as bad as I was. My stomach is still hurting but the bloat has gone down quite a bit (which could be to do with my not eating as much). My recommended daily calorie intake is asbout 1800 but this week I’ve only managed 1600. I don’t normally count calories, but I do keep track of it on my phone so I know roughly how I’m doing. I need to try and eat a little more so I don’t end up losing weight. I’ve tried a Slim fast shake as part of my lunch today to try and get some extra nutrients in me. I prefer Fortisip but they’re a bit more expensive and I don’t want to become reliant on them.

I’m also trying to drink more again; Plant Nanny recommends 2 litres of water per day for me which I’m just about managing.

At least the day is going relatively fast. I just hope it continues that way.

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