Hydration Hacks



Everyone should be so concerned about hydrating, but for spoonies & those with digestive diseases it is especially important. I’ve struggled with this in the past in finding techniques and drinks that work. Lately, I’ve found a routine that really works for me:

1. Reminders are key. I downloaded an app to help me keep hydrating on my mind. I’ve been using the app Plant Nanny, and I’ve found that it’s just pesky enough to keep me drinking but not so annoying that I just ignore it.

2. Spice things up. I love adding lemon to my water and occasionally some mint. I’ve also added strawberries and basil in the past. Extra flavor makes the water go down faster for me. Tea (hot or cold) is a classic choice. Of course you could do something like Crystal Light, but I prefer the more natural flavors. A very easy fix to making water better for drinking is just adding ice!

3. Straw sipping. At summer camp, we used to sing a song that warned about the dangers of sipping cider through a straw. (The song’s protagonist elopes and gets preggers, blaming it on the straw-sipped cider. Quite the message.) I’ve found straws to be far less sexy and far more hydration friendly. Cups with built-in dishwasher safe straws or spouts are easier for me to drink. I’d recommend finding a water bottle fro, which you actually enjoy drinking!

4. Make it sparkle. Flavored sparkling water is one of my easy tricks to keep hydrating. They always feel like a special treat when I crack them open at lunch and are a good substitute if you drink a lot of soda.

5. Keep it around. You will be more likely to drink more water if you’re always carrying water with you. Bring the bottle everywhere you go! Eventually you’ll feel lost without it!

These tips are pretty easy and they WILL make you feel better. I believe in you! Just keep sipping! 

I have found Plant Nanny very helpful. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one with a plant tamagochi. ^-^ Also, flavoured waters are a nice alternative if you don’t like plain water.

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