Hi, I’m the anon that mentioned a week or so ago that your blog gives me hope. I had my upper and lower scope on Thursday, but now I’m experiencing fecal incontinence.. Is that common? Especially, a few days later?? I’m so done wearing diapers..);



Shoutout to all of my followers: Did you ever experience fecal incontinence after a colonoscopy?

I once experienced it for the first day after a scope probably because of the prep (so I still had super fluid bowel movements which accidentally came out while I passed some gas).

I’d suggest you to call the GI office/hospital you had your scopes and ask them for advise. Maybe you could also try plantago seeds to make your stool more firm.

Keep us updated! Hope it will stop asap.

I was advised to call my GP/Hospital if this happened after my colonoscopy but I didn’t have any issues. I was mostly just hungry after mine but also really tired.

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