Finally the weekend


Today couldn’t have ended sooner. I’m so exhausted from working today, all I wanted to do when I go home was sleep but I have stayed up because I really needed to eat something. I’ve been terrible this evening and had Chinese take away (plain noodles with sweet and sour chicken). Already feeling the bloat so I’ve left half the noodles, but it’s filled me up and given me a little more energy to stay up a bit later.

The cold appears to be getting slightly better; the cough is less frequent and I can breathe a bit easier. My eyes have really benefited from a day off from contact lenses so I’m keeping them out until the morning. My head isn’t hurting anymore and my throat is a bit better. I haven’t had a Lemsip yet but I’ll do that before bed along with some cough syrup.

The plan tomorrow is to get some more beads (I couldn’t find any in my local craft shop the other day), do a little autumn clothes shopping ready for my trip to Lincoln in October, and then a relaxing afternoon of making Halloween/Autumn bracelets and charms. I’m feeling quite creative recently, which is great because I haven’t done anything creative (drawn, painted, written) in literally years. I find it quite relaxing; it’s a good distraction from my current situation and, if I feel they are any good, I may even put a few up on Etsy. I’ll update about that as and when it happens.

Anyway, sorry for the long post. Have a good night everyone.

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