Escape Rooms and IBD


For anyone who is looking for something interesting to do with friends, Escape Rooms are a great activity. Unless you have IBD where the thought of being locked in a room for over an hour without access to a toilet is very daunting.
This is how I felt at first. But then I did a little research and it turns out all Escape Rooms have an emergency release on the door so you can get out anytime you need to. So long as you let the Game Masters know what you’re doing, you shouldn’t have any problems.
So, if you’re thinking about doing an Escape Room but think your IBD will stop you from enjoying it, it won’t.

The reason I’m posting about this is because I did one yesterday as a sort of belated birthday treat for myself and, although we were in there for an hour and twenty minutes (we completed it just within the time limit), I was ok because we had a walky-talky to ask the GM for help if we needed it/leave to use the facilities.

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