Dietician has been round


She said what I’m doing with my reduced-gluten diet is a good move if I’m finding it’s working for me so I’ll be continuing with that when I get home. I have cheated a little since being in the hospital but not a lot. Only a couple of little things like having crackers and bread at lunch today, and crumbles at dinner. I haven’t bloated from the bread today but then my stomach is still a little funny at the moment but that’s possibly from the jelly sweets I had yesterday.

So, what have I learnt?
▪ Not to have jelly sweets when I’m flaring
▪ I’m not celiac but a reduction in gluten is a benifit
▪ I need to make sure I take suppliments when I’m flaring
▪ And that Fortisip drinks are a great source of nutrients when I’m flaring as they are easy on the digestive system and don’t taste too bad

I think I’ll be ok. As much as being in hospital sucks, it does teach you a lot when you get to talk to the right people like dieticians. She also said that I can always see them as an outpatient if I need more advice so I’m feeling the support and a lot more confident that I’ll be looked after as and when I need it.

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