Day 4…


Of my holiday in Gran Canaria, and aside from the heat, I’ve not been too bad. However, last night I had a minor bout of anxiety for some reason and I’m not 100% sure what brought it on. I know I was anxious about this holiday because of how I normally react to heat (ie. Not tanning, just burning, and generally feeling drained), as well as having never travelled by plane for that long nor whilst being on medication. I think I was a bit homesick, really, but it’s hard to tell. I’ll continue to monitor this just in case it gets worse. Thankfully, my wonderful fiancée has been very understanding.

In other news, I tried the mildest mango chicken curry last night and I didn’t have any reaction aside from a minor cramp in the middle of the night. So happy I can at least have some form of Indian food. ^-^

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