Day #1 out of hospital


I think I slept quite well last night. I kept expecting to be woken up by buzzers or nurses wanting to check my vitals, though. And I’m pretty sure the pressure in the back of my head is the last of my migraine from yesterday morning. I’ve had a digit cramping in my stomach already but that seems to be going now.

The plan today is to relax and do as little as possible. The only excursion out of the flat will be to the doctors and back to collect my sick note for the next week.

My food plan is to have light meals and fortisips so as to not overdo it, with light snacks if I feel hungry. I’m going to avoid fruit for now but only until my steroids kick in and my bowel gets back to some semblance of normal.

I’ll be going for short walks over the next couple of days too; being in bed all day, every day for a week has made my leg muscles stiff and I’m finding walking is a bit painful.

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