On the train home after having such a great time yesterday; the wedding ceremony was beautiful and the venue for the breakfast/reception was gorgeous. I surprised myself with not needed my stick at all. I didn’t really want to use it so I left it in the hotel room (thinking I’d regret it) but actually, I was fine without it. It’s not like we did a lot of walking but there was plenty of standing which usually would cause my stomach muscles to ache after a while. Not yesterday though; I was able to stand and be sociable without needing to lean on anything/anyone. By the end of the day, I was tired but not achy or stiff as I usually am after a long day. I’m quite proud of myself.

We’re on our way to Milton Keynes for a friends wedding.
This is the first time I’ll be staying elsewhere with my ostomy bag so I’ve made sure to pack extra bags and stuff, just in case. I’m looking forward to the next couple of days even though I know I’ll be worn out by the end of it.