I saw my stoma nurse this afternoon and it seems I’m having a slight reaction to the adhesive of my ostomy bags. This could be to do with it getting much warmer recently so it may be a heat rash being irritated by the adhesive.

Also, she believes the reason I’ve had several bags in a row leak is because the opening of my stoma has shifted from top-centre to top-right so when it does it’s thing, the output is all going onto the same patch of bag which was causing it to corrode away faster, leading to it leaking. In order to combat this, I’m trying new bags. These ones look the same but they have a bump on the back that pushes into my tummy slightly in order to keep my stoma “upright” so when it’s active, the output should be a bit more even. I’m trialling two different types; the other ones has the same bump but has a different adhesive. It feels a little weird at the moment but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. I hope this solves the issues.

Ostomy problems! …again.

I had to do another emergency bag change just now due to seepage. I knew it was going to do it because the bag didn’t feel right last night but I didn’t want to waste a bag, I guess, so I left it. No mess, though, it was easy to sort out. I just hope this isn’t going to be a common problem otherwise I might have change bag type and I don’t really want to do that because I like these bags.

Ostomy problems

TMI warning!

I had to change my bag early (this evening, instead of tomorrow morning) because it wasn’t emptying properly; the output was too heavy and wasn’t moving down the bag. It seems to be doing it again but not as badly as before. I’ve been drinking loads of squash this evening and I’ve just had tea and chocolate, both of which are good for loosening the output. I don’t think I’ll get a blockage but I’m keeping a close eye on it, just in case.