Happy belated New Year, everyone!

I hope everyone’s had a good New Year so far. I’m unfortunately still flaring and I don’t know if the increased mercaptapurine and additional colesevelam are actually working anymore. It’s quite painful after eating and my dinner didn’t stay down last night so I’m feeling a bit unsure. I’ll probably give it another week and then call the helpline if things don’t improve. I also need to book my next infusion; for some reason I wasn’t given an appointment for my next one. I’m starting to feel as though I need them more often.

Last update of 2016

TGIFriday’s went well on Thursday. I had a nice gluten free burger and I got a free mocktail. Friday was good too so was today, although I did have a bit of a stomach cramp this afternoon. I am spending New Year with my fiance, sister and her fiance watching Dara O’Briain, eating pizza and drinking iced tea. I hope everyone has a good, safe New Year.