The only good thing thing about having an appointment early in the morning is that you’re going home when everyone else is going to work. I’m on my way to my second appointment of the week (and of the day) with the third one tomorrow morning, which will ultimately be an all day thing because they have to observe me for six hours after they’ve done the biopsy. I’m starting to wonder if I should get my mail forwarded to the hospital, I spend so much time there.

Yet another MRI.

So, it turns out that last MRI I had didn’t capture all the images they wanted so I have to have a third this Monday morning. It’s not that I mind having it done because I now know what to expect, it’s just I don’t want to have to go to the hospital again. I’ve got three days in the next week where I’m not working but all of them will be spent at the hospital; tomorrow afternoon is my biopsy pre-assessment, Monday morning is the MRI, and Tuesday is the biopsy proper which will be a whole day. I’m going to try and go to bed early this weekend.

I’ve got my second MRI this afternoon. It’s so they can take a better look at my liver but it’s the biopsy that’ll tell for definite.

I worked out that I have eight appointments coming up in the next two months; six are at the hospital, one’s a stoma check that’s been pushed back since before Christmas, and the last one is to sort out my Pills. I just hope my work can arrange my days off so I don’t have to change any of them.

Another MRI!

I’ve got another one for my liver. This one is apparently meant to be a more precise scam so they can look at my liver in more detail. They still want to do the biopsy, I think, but I don’t have a date for that yet.

I’ve got my MRI next week! I sort of know what to expect but does anyone have any tips/advice? They sent a leaflet with the appointment letter explaining I can’t eat before and I’ll need to drink “pineapple juice” when I get there. They may also have to pump dye in too but they struggled to get a cannula in me before my CT scan so I really hope they won’t have to do that this time.

Also, I may know why my Pill has stopped working. I spoke to my doctor this morning about it and she said it could be to do with my liver; that’s where a lot of these things would be absorbed so if it’s not working properly then medications might not work properly. It does make sense; my symptoms started shortly after I noticed my pills not working. The doctor has changed the type of Pill I’m on so hopefully that’ll do the trick.