Good week so far

So work wasn’t too bad this week so far; I found that applying heat to my cramping stomach helps it relax and, therefore, stop hurting. My manager, who gets cold very easily, uses adhesive heat pads on her stomach so she gave me one which meant I felt perfectly fine all day yesterday. I’m getting myself some heat pads as they will be great for the winter as well as my stomach cramps.
My upped dose of mercaptapurine seems to be working somewhat, and the colesevelam seems to be doing its job as well. I’m not entirely out of the woods but I do feel a little better in myself. Oh, and I finally got my cholecalciferol which I started yesterday so fingers crossed my hair will stop falling out and I won’t feel as tired anymore.
I’m off work today so I’m spending it with my sister and her fiance and we’re going to go bowling this afternoon. This evening we’re going out for a meal because it’s my mums birthday today. She’s unfortunately working all day but I’ll see her at the meal to give her her present. We’re going to TGIFridays; they’ve got a good gluten free menu and decent portions too. Here’s hoping it all goes well.

Been feeling pretty crap this week. It’s been just under two weeks since I finished the prednisolone and I knew I’d have a few withdrawal symptoms like maybe a bit of stomach pain, but I’m still feeling like I’m on the verge of a flare up which is only just being kept at bay by the mercaptapurine.
I’ve been going to bed early and practically falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow but when it’s time to get up, I feel like I’ve barely slept at all so I think I’m crashing.
I keep getting cramps in my left side which feels like period pain sometimes (even though it’s not because I’m on the Pill).
On top of that, everything I eat makes me bloat, regardless if it gluten free or not.
At least I only have one more day of work this week.
I have a Fifth Edition session on Sunday afternoon which I’m looking forward to but at the same time wish was another day because I just want to be able to sleep all day Sunday.

Day 1

Of not being on steroids. I’ve just had lunch and my stomach is hurting already. It’s done this a few times after eating this last week but it’s the only symptom so far. I hope this is just a adjustment thing and not the norm.

I’m continuing with the mesalazine and mercaptapurine, with influxamab infusions every eight weeks. I hope it’s enough. If not, I guess we’ll find out in a few days.