A week of eating

With the result of my latest scope being that all the ulcers are gone and my gut looks fine, I decided to reduce my modulen to 300g (from 400g) daily and make up the remaining 500~ calories with real food. For the last week, I have been eating small meals of (low residue/low fibre) solid food in the evening. I’ve also had a few small things at lunchtime but not every day. I haven’t had any issues from any of my food but I am aware I need to be mindful of the amount of food I eat at once because I’m quite sure my stomach has shrunk a bit.

I’m seeing my dietitian in a couple of weeks and I’m hoping that she’ll take me off the modulen completely. I’m also seeing another GI (not my usual) at the same time. This GI specialises in Crohn’s so I’m not sure why I’m seeing him as all my results have come back negative for that. My guess is that he might have a better idea of what might have caused the ulcers? I honestly don’t know but I’ll update after I’ve spoken to him.

Just tried these for the first time and they are surprisingly tasty. I’m always a little wary with Schar products because I have tried some of their gluten-free biscuits in the past and they tasted awful. These, however, are flavourful and only 24kcal per. Also, low in fibre, so me-friendly.

So, under the advise of the hospital dietitian, I am now on a low fibre diet. It means cutting out a lot of stuff but there’s still plenty I can eat. I have been given a couple of food tables to help me prepare me-friendly meals, and I’ve kept the copy of the low-residue menu I was given at the hospital. I’m still reducing my gluten intake but I’m not going to be as strict as it doesn’t seem to be working as well for me. Bread is my main issue, however, crumpets – which you’d think would be worse than bread – I can handle. That means, today’s lunch consists of a toasted crumpet with a fried egg on top.

I might try making my own gluten-free bread later. I’m borrowing my parents bread-maker at the moment so I may as well try it.