Good news!

I saw my GP this morning regarding both my loperamide prescription (I’ve been having a reaction to the liquid so needed a new script for the instand melt tablets) and my rehydration methods. She said she was happy to do a monthly prescription for 112 instant melt tablets of loperamide and I can always adjust the dose as I need to. So that’s one thing fixed relatively easilly.

When talking about my rehydration, she admitted she wasn’t as knowledgable about it so she would email my dietitian for me. I explained my reasons for no longer having the St Mark’s rehydration solution and that I was instead drinking Lucozade and a suppliment drink called Sneak as both have a somewhat decent amount of sodium/salt.*

As I had a blood test just yesterday (Thurday) morning, she had a look at the results and it showed that my sodium was back to normal levels as were pretty much everything else. I asked if I should keep going with what I am doing and she agreed. She said she was still going to email my dietitian just to keep them in the loop which I am more than happy for her to do.

All in all, A good visit to the doctor. I just need to wait for my loperamide to be ready.

*Just a quick disclaimer: I am drinking Lucozade and Sneak suppliment drinks as a replacement for the St Mark’s rehydration solution as this works better for me personally. Please do not change or stop your rehydration methods recommended by you specialist/GP/dietitian without talking to them about it in detail first. Be safe.

End of year update (Minor TMI warning)

Just thought I’d do a little update before the new year.

I had my pre-assessment on Christmas Eve but still don’t have a date for the actual surgery. My mum said they usually do surgery within six weeks of pre-assessment because otherwise they have to do it again so I’m really hoping to get a date through soon.

I was hoping for it to be done by Christmas but I realise this time of year can get busy and I didn’t really fancy being in hospital over the winter holiday. This has meant I’ve needed to take some extra measures to make myself comfortable with my stoma; since getting out of hospital back in July, my output has been extra watery and really corrosive, meaning it burns through my convex bag within twelve hours.

I saw my stoma nurse a few months back and she gave me barrier rings which have helped a lot. However, even the rings aren’t enough to stop my output from burning through and damaging the skin around the blob so after speaking to both my GP and my stoma nurse again, I’ve upped my daily intake of Lopermide from a single table twice a day to two tablets twice a day. On top of that, I am also now taking a tablet of dehydrocodeine twice a day. All of this out together has helped to slow my system right down so the output is thicker and it doesn’t burn through anywhere near as quickly as before.

I still get the occasional day where I need to change the bag early because the output is burning the skin but those are few and far between.

Aside all that, I’m doing well, my weight is steady. I haven’t gained much since my surgery but I’m no longer underweight so, bonus! I’m still struggling with eating beg and fruit but I’m taking multivitamins which I feel are helping.

I’ve had blood tests done as well as a urine sample to see if I need another iron infusion before my surgery because I mentioned I’m very tired all the time. I don’t have the results yet but I’m hoping to get them soon.

Anyway, that’s about sums up everything that’s been going on with me recently. Thanks for reading and supporting me this year. I hope everyone has had a great winter holiday and I wish everyone a very happy and safe New Year!

Worst night in a long time

So, yesterday evening was spent with my partners Oma (she’s German) celebrating her birthday and we had Chinese, which I’m usually fine with. However, shortly after eating it, I found my output had beco. Every watery and the skin under the adhesive was super itchy. I tried to ignore it but by the time I got home a few hours later, it had become painful. I decided to change my bag, which would be the second time that day, and go to bed. That didn’t work; it was still painful and itchy and I couldn’t sleep. My solution was eat half a packet of mini marshmallows and to take a codiene tablet. This has worked so far but I need to make sure I drink plenty today to avoid a blockage.

I’ve been advised by both my GP and my stoma nurse to increase my loperamide intake from four single doses to four double doses per day (I’m not sure on the exact measurements). I started doing that yesterday lunch time and I’m assuming it just needs to get into my system but it seems to be taking its sweet time.

I’m very frustrated and tired but I’m trying to be patient and stay positive. My new blob is not making either easy. I hope everyone is having a good and safe week so far. Rant over.