And I’m home.

I made it home in one piece! The London Comic Con was amazing and, even though I’m so very tired from all that walking, it was worth it. I cosplayed as Misty from Pokemon for the first two day but chose to just wear civvies for the last day. This was mostly because I only had two yellow tops instead of three (and it was very warm all weekend) but also because I found that, although having my ostomy bag tucked into my waistband wasn’t uncomfortable, it was very hot under the bag so it did sometimes make me think it was full and/or leaking at times. So, for the last day, I just wore it untucked and with a cover on which was a bit cooler.

I got quite a few things from the sellers halls; everyone seemed to be doing lucky bags so I got one from Tofu Cute which had a load of Japanese sweets and drinks in it as well as a couple of plushies. I also got a print from one of the artists in the Comic Village, and my sister bought me a pair of handmade Studio Ghibli hair bows. I have every intention of going again next year but we’ll have to see how I am health-wise.

Day 3 of Comic Con

So far, today has been ok. I’m tired but not overly so, which is good for me given how late in the day it is currently (4pm).

I decided to not cosplay today and I’ll admit I’m a lot more comfortable for it. Having my ostomy bag tucked into my waistband was ok and it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I thought it might be but it was too hot and I kept worrying about possible leaks. The good thing about cosplaying as Misty though was that my Togepi plush acted as both a support for my stomach wheb I started to ache and as a barrier against crowds, so it wasn’t all bad. I don’t have it with me today but it’s not as busy as it was yesterday.

Day 2 of Comic Con

So, today was quite tiring; we did a lot of walking and I think, combined with yesterday, I may have overdone it a little. However, it was worth it. I’ve had a really great time so far and I’m still looking forward to tomorrow.

I still tucked my ostomy bag into my waistband today but I have found that it gets quite hot which made me think I’d had a leak at one point (even though the bag was fresh on this morning). I won’t be cosplaying tomorrow just because I can’t be bothered with it. It’s not like it’s a difficult costume to put on or anything but I just don’t want to wear it tomorrow. It also means I don’t have to tuck baggie in if I don’t want to – the costume somewhat demands it because the top I’ve got is too long and needs tucking in too.

I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures and post as many as I can when I get home on Monday. For some reason, the app doesn’t like me posting pictures.

Thank you @thatchronicfeeling, this was helpful. I hadn’t thought about the entry queue; it’s usually quite long after advanced ticket entry (which we do have, thankfully). They had a seating area near the food stales last year so I’m hoping they’ll do something similar this year. I’ll keep an eye out for a map, sometimes they release it early so you get an idea of what there’ll be in the sellers halls. There are plenty of toilets as well and they have pretty big signs above them so I shouldn’t have any trouble finding one.

I highly recommend going to comic con if you can. The London one is huge; it takes up almost all of the London ExCel centre (which is a massive building), and is over three days now. I got my Totoro keyring from there a few years ago.

Spoke to the IBD nurse this morning and they want to rule out infection so I need to do some samples. Typical that, now that I need to, my gut is behaving.

In other news, I was thinking about returning to the gym this afternoon. Only for a light bit of cardio to see how my body takes it, but it’d be nice to start again so I can get back into a somewhat normal routine. I’m planning on going to London Comic-Con in May and I want to be as healthy as I can for that.