And I’m home

Had a great few days in Lincoln with my sister but now I am home. Last nights dinner was really good; the restaurant didn’t have a separate gluten free menu but did mark which dishes were gluten free. However, just to be awkward, I didn’t choose one of those. Instead, I had a burger without the bun. It was really nice and meant I had room for a bubblegum ice cream and M&M sundae for after. I didn’t bloat but still had enough to eat to reach/go slightly over my daily calorie count.

Today wasn’t too bad either; we went to Toby Carvery for breakfast and left Lincoln shortly after. Even though I don’t normally eat breakfast, I enjoy going to Toby Carvery; they do a full cooked breakfast buffet (so things like bacon, sausage, beans, eggs, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes ect.) so you can go back as many times as you want, which means I was full after one plate. It also means I won’t be hungry for a while, so dinner tonight will likely be small.

A successful outing

I managed the forty minute walk to the city centre from my sister’s, where I’m staying, as well as the very steep walk up the aptly-named Steep Hill. Even though I had a non-gluten-free scone, I haven’t bloated and, aside from being quite tired, I’m feeling ok. I think I’m going to chill on YouTube for a few hours. We are going out for a pub dinner this evening which I’m looking forward to and I don’t want to feel too tired for.

I made it up the hill! I’m relaxing now with another cup of tea. The sun is out so I’ll take a walk around the cathedral a bit later.

I’ve sort of cheated already today; I’ve had a regular scone with jam and cream for lunch/snack so I could take my afternoon meds. I’m hoping because it was a small scone, I don’t bloat.

On my way to Lincoln

I’m super excited because I’m spending five days in one of my favourite cities with my sister and her fiancée, but I’m also a little sad because my fiancée can’t join us. I almost feel guilty for leaving him alone but it’s not like he can’t take care of himself. I’ll probably be fine once I get there but I know I’ll miss him like mad.