Coffee Morning!

I went to a Crohn’s & Colitis UK coffee morning today with my mum. It was good to meet new people, we talked a lot but there’s never enough time to speak to everyone. I hope to go to the next one near me though. I met someone who has had a jpouch for around ten years now, and I spoke to someone who came with their mum (like me) and who both have Crohn’s. A couple of them were also at the IBD open day last weekend too. I’ve always thought that these meet-ups are a good idea, they give you somewhere to talk freely and feel safe, as well as being part of a community that understands and doesn’t judge because they’ve been there. I know they’re not for everyone but I enjoy it.

In other news, I saw my surgeon last week and he’s very happy with how I’m doing. He said he doesn’t want to do anything now for at least another year, which is fine by me (two surgeries is more than enough for this year, thank you very much). He said I’ve got three options though; 1) I can have my stoma closed and try the jpouch again, 2) I can have my jpouch & rectum removed, a permanent end ileostomy formed and have a barbie-butt, or, 3) I can stay as I am with jpouch & rectum intact and loop-ileostomy. I am quite content to stay as I am for now, but eventually, I will want to go for option 2; permanent stoma and barbie-butt. I don’t want to go back to the jpouch because not only is it ulcerated, but I still have the perforation near the entrance, both of which make me not want to risk it failing again and having to have yet another surgery. I could stay as I am indefinitely but I think I’ll always feel like it’s not finished and I just want this to be sorted once and for all.

So, that’s it for now. Work is going well and I feel able to do more things and for longer. My appetite has returned with avengence so I’m eating like a horse at the moment. My weight is very slowly increasing so all good from where I’m sitting.

Saw my surgeon this morning. My contrast enema showed my jpouch should work fine, no signs of stricture or other issues so I’m being put on the list to have my stoma take-down as soon as possible. I asked for it to not be before the end of October because I’m going to watch Wicked in the theatre then and really don’t want to miss it, so he said he’ll try for November. Finger Crossed!

Returning to work…

I went back to work last week but on a phased return basis meaning I’d work from ten in the morning until two in the afternoon on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (with Thursday as a day off) for at least the first week. I thought that went really well last week so I decided to increase my hours abd stayed until four yesterday. Despite it being really quiet at work, the time went somewhat fast and I felt fine afterwards. Until I got home that is. Then it hit me just how tired I actually was. I had to miss D&d because there was no way I’d be able to consentrate for that long, and ending up spending the evening in bed watching Scrubs. As a result I only worked until two today. I’ve got tomorrow off but I can’t sleep in because I’ve got an appointment to see my surgeon in the morning. I’m going to go back to working six hours on Friday and Saturday but I won’t be increasing my hours any further for at least another two weeks; I don’t want to risk burning myself out before I’ve even get back up to fulltime hours.