I love Halloween. I love it for the decorations, the costumes, but most of all, I love it for the sweets. Yes, the sweets. (I know, I’m a big kid really). But seriously, there is a practical reason for my eating many sweets; slowing down stoma output without having to take medication.

Recently, I have had fairly loose output which is a bit of a pain because it can mean the bag filling faster than normal. Eating sweets, particularly ones with gelatin in, can help thicken the output and slow it down. Halloween is a great time to stock up because not only is there a much higher supply in shops, but they can be a bit cheaper. Now, obviously, I’m not saying everyone should gourge themselves on sweets (I’m no doctor but I’m pretty sure that’s not good for you, even for ostomates) but this is just how I like to deal with high and loose output. How do you deal with loose output?

So, my plan for tonight are to eat Chinese take away followed by a load of sweets whilst watching Coraline. What are you up to this Halloween?

I know this isn’t really anything to do with IBD but I wanted to wish everyone a fun and safe Halloween. I’ve been watching (non-scary) movies and eating pizza and sweets all evening. Scares aren’t really my thing but I love this time of year regardless. I also love playing with Snapchat filters. 🎃


So, I didn’t do anything special for Halloween but I did go out for a meal with my wonderful fiance where we decided to go and see Dr Strange. It is a really good film, so if you haven’t seen it yet, go watch!

In other news, my side is hurting again even though I’ve stayed mostly gluten-free today (I had a tiny bit this evening in the form of a mini egg-custard tart and couple of oreo biscuits). I know I shouldn’t have eaten them but I have a huge weakness for egg-custard. I will do my best to be gluten-free tomorrow; I’ve got some gluten-free Genius bagels so I’ll have one of those for my lunch. I’m also having a bit more fruit at the moment but staying away from anything too acidic.

For those interested in the rats, they are both being adorable and have braved coming out of the cage fully and onto my arms/up my jumper and into the collar for a short time. I’ve learnt one of them likes chocolate but the other doesn’t, and they both like dried banana and coconut shavings as well as pork sausage. I will continue to try and get them used to being on me and rewarding them with treats like fruit as well as the occasional cheerio.

I’m at the gym, speed-walking on the treadmill. I’m not planning on doing much other than some leg weights today. I missed going last week because of my infusion but I’m not too bothered by that. I figure if I go once a week, that’s enough for now.

I was going to go to a local Halloween Fair this afternoon but by the time I get back from the gym, it won’t be worth me going because it closes at four. Still, Halloween tomorrow and me and my wonderful fiance are going Pokemon Go-ing in Portsmouth tomorrow.