Day 26

I’m going home! I’m just waiting for my PICC line to be removed. I’m so happy to finally be going home, I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed.

My stomach cramps have been pretty minimal today so I was able to eat my lunch no problem. I’m just tired now.

They’re giving me some fortijuce to take home with me but no other medication, which is a first.

Positive vibes!

Hopefully my last hospital selfie for a while; I’m going home today! I’m so happy I can finally get out of here and sleep in my own bed. It’ll be great to be back in my own environment too so I can heal better.

I hope everyone is having as good a day as possible. Sending hugs and spoons to all! 💙

I’m going home today!

They need to finalise my paperwork and meds so it’ll be another couple of hours but I’ll be sleeping in my own bed tonight.

The doctor said I need to take it easy for the next week or so because of, not just the physical illness, but also the stress of it all. It does mean another week off work but I think it’s what I need; to heal in my own space.

My pain has subsided now too so I’m feeling a lot better than I was this morning. It seems to be mornings are painful, regardless, but it goes after a little while. I’ll just have to keep myself dosed up on painkillers.