Feeling pretty crap at the moment

I’ve been on modulen for about two months now and, since my last scope showed the ulcers had cleared up, I figured I would try some real food.

This was a mistake.

Now, I’ve had pizza before (both while on the modulen and not) so I didn’t see any harm on trying a take away pizza. Turns out, my gut disagrees, and now I have a partial blockage.

I haven’t had much modulen since Friday night. Instead, I’ve been drinking a lot of squash and putting my hot water bottle too good use over the weekend. This has worked with blockages before so I’m hoping it will work this time too.

Day 21

My stomach cramps kept me awake last night so all I’ve been doing today is dose. I haven’t eaten anything because I’ve been throwing up. I’ve been advised to sip water for now but they’ve also given me IV fluids because I’m dehydrated.

The doctor said he doesn’t know what’s causing the pain but he wants to wait and see what happens over night before ordering an xray. I think they’ll do one anyway but not until the morning.

Right now, the pain is fairly minimal but it’s been coming in waves so it’s difficult to tell if the painkillers are actuality doing anything.