A week of eating

With the result of my latest scope being that all the ulcers are gone and my gut looks fine, I decided to reduce my modulen to 300g (from 400g) daily and make up the remaining 500~ calories with real food. For the last week, I have been eating small meals of (low residue/low fibre) solid food in the evening. I’ve also had a few small things at lunchtime but not every day. I haven’t had any issues from any of my food but I am aware I need to be mindful of the amount of food I eat at once because I’m quite sure my stomach has shrunk a bit.

I’m seeing my dietitian in a couple of weeks and I’m hoping that she’ll take me off the modulen completely. I’m also seeing another GI (not my usual) at the same time. This GI specialises in Crohn’s so I’m not sure why I’m seeing him as all my results have come back negative for that. My guess is that he might have a better idea of what might have caused the ulcers? I honestly don’t know but I’ll update after I’ve spoken to him.

Day 8 on Modulen

It’s been eight days since I started the modulen nutrition drinks and it’s not been easy. I thought I wouldn’t care about not eating sandwiches or pizza and that I wouldn’t mind smelling all these foods that I can’t eat, but I was very much mistaken; the smell of cooking roast dinners or take aways is almost torture sometimes because I want so badly to eat it but I know that if I do, I’ll be back in the hospital again in no time. Because part of my small bowel has narrowed due to inflammation (a stricture), I can’t handle solids moving through my gut at the moment. Other than the modulen, I have been able to handle soup but I don’t want to try anything more substantial without guidance from my dietitian and GI. I’m hoping to see one or the other next week (my biopsy results should be back by then) but I haven’t received an appointment yet so I may have to call them midweek to find out what I’m meant to do once my modulen runs out. I hope I won’t be continued on it (or any other nutrition drinks for that matter) and that they’ll say a free-fluids diet for a few weeks. I know I can handle soup without experiencing any pain or other symptoms so fingers crossed.

So, I realise it’s only been a short couple of weeks since I cut out dairy and gluten from my diet, but I’ve found that although gluten makes me bloat, I can have small amounts of it and be mostly fine. This means I will still be going gluten free but I know it won’t be too bad if I have the smallest amount once in a while. In the case of dairy, I am fine with cheese. No problems with cheese whatsoever, but milk and chocolate cause my stomach to ache the most so I’m have almond milk instead and only very small amounts of chocolate at a time (I’ve tried the dairy free stuff and I’m not too keen). It does mean I’ll probably come across as a?picky eater but if that’s what I’ve got to do to make myself comfortable then I’ll deal with it. Has anyone else had to do weird diet things like this?

New(ish) diet

So, before having my stoma surgery, I was greatly restricted to what I could eat and even more so the weeks leading up to my surgery. I had to almost completely cut out fruit and vegetables, couldn’t handle most meats or carbs, and had to go gluten free in an effort to reduce my UC symptoms. This, unsurprising, didn’t work. Since my surgery, however, I have been able to eat some fruits and vegetables, more meats, carbs, dairy and gluten. That is until recently; I’ve found that I bloat after eating things such as bread, pizza and pasta, and I get mild stomach pains whenever I eat dairy. This has only really become a problem in the last couple of weeks so I’ve decided to try a gluten and dairy free diet for the next few months to see if this improves things.







Repeat after me:
– Veganism is not affordable
– Veganism is not cruelty free
– Veganism is not the best choice for everyone

Repeat after me
-I’m an idiot and wrong.
-Veganism can be made affordable.
Veganism is fucking cruelty free. That’s what it’s all about.
– Veganism is the best choice for everyone, if everyone did it.
-I’m a fucking asshole for making this completely wrong text post and should shut the hell up now.

Exploiting undocumented immigrants, and other workers is cruelty free?
Nearly 500,000 children as young as six harvest 25 percent of US crops.

But I guess brown people don’t fucking matter. 

People are literally starving in South America because all the Quinoa crop is being exported mainly for white vegans who want to live “cruelty-free” but don’t care about brown people as much as they do about animals.

plus, 4 of the 8 most common food allergies (soy, wheat, peanuts, and tree nuts) are common vegan substitutes.

hello i am also here with The Science™

to back up the fact veganism is NOT even the most sustainable dietary option for humanity, like not even in the ballpark of close

And let’s not forget that those of us who have digestive condition, like IBD, are already cutting out some type of food, so going vegan will only cut even more of the low amount of food we can eat already. It may work for some, but it’s not the best option for everyone by a long shot.

So, under the advise of the hospital dietitian, I am now on a low fibre diet. It means cutting out a lot of stuff but there’s still plenty I can eat. I have been given a couple of food tables to help me prepare me-friendly meals, and I’ve kept the copy of the low-residue menu I was given at the hospital. I’m still reducing my gluten intake but I’m not going to be as strict as it doesn’t seem to be working as well for me. Bread is my main issue, however, crumpets – which you’d think would be worse than bread – I can handle. That means, today’s lunch consists of a toasted crumpet with a fried egg on top.

I might try making my own gluten-free bread later. I’m borrowing my parents bread-maker at the moment so I may as well try it.