So, I turned 30 today…

I don’t normally post about my birthday and wasn’t planning on doing so for this one either but because it’s the day before my surgery I thought I’d write a little update.

I am nervous about going into hospital tomorrow, that’s obvious, but I’m trying not to think about it. It’s been a little hard to actually plan something for my birthday because of the upcoming surgery, but I’ve still managed to have a good day. I spent it with my sister and her partner in Lymington (which for those you don’t know is a little port town in the New Forest). We went to a tea room for scones with cream and jam and then had a look around the shops. I spent some vouchers I’d been saving on a new pair of shorts and a cute pair of earrings shaped like hotair balloon, and then walked by the pier for a bit before heading back home. We’re going out for a meal with my parents this evening which I think will be a great way to end a good day.

Had a good day in Winchester today. Stopped off for lunch at the guildhall cafe then went for a little walk around the park before heading home. I may have overdone it a tiny bit because my stomach is a little achy and I was struggling to walk faster than a snails pace, so I’m relaxing for the rest of the day. 

My first day trip… sorta

So, I finally left the flat and went to a public place today for the first time in over a month! The only places I’ve been to since getting out of the hospital were back to the hospital to collect my meds and to my doctors to have stitches removed. It felt good to go outside and be somewhere that wasn’t medical, and where I could feel more normal.

I had a really nice Eggs Benedict (pouched eggs and bacon on an breakfast muffin) with tea, followed by a chocolate muffin. I am so happy to say that I could eat all that! A couple of months ago I wouldn’t have been able to eat any of it for fear of it causing me major pain and several dashes to the bathroom.

Although this whole stoma/surgery thing has been pretty scary and a bit of a steep learning curve (and still is), I am glad I had it done. I’m no longer in pain after eating, I don’t have to dash to the bathroom (making sure to take my phone because I know I’ll be in there for a long time), and I can eat most foods that I couldn’t before. There are, of course, some restrictions on what I can and can’t eat with my stoma, but nowhere near as many as before. 

It’s odd, but this surgery really has given me a new lease on life. I know I’m still recovering and need to take it slow to ensure I don’t overdo it, but I can feel myself improving, if only a little, each day.