Dressing with an ostomy

One thing I’ve found since having my ostomy is that getting dressed isn’t as easy anymore; I have to be mindful of where my clothes sit over my bag/stoma.

I’ve found the biggest issue is trousers; I have several pairs of work trousers that I can’t wear any more due to them sitting too low to be comfortable over my bag but too high to sit under it. To solve this, I’ve turned to high-waisted trousers and skirts with elasticated waists. As for casual wear, I have found that most of my jeans will sit under my bag quite comfortably, except one pair that rubs the bottom of the adhesive just enough to worry me. It doesn’t create a hole but the last few times I’ve worn them I’ve noticed the edge of the flange has frayed slightly.

There’s also making sure that tops and dresses aren’t too tight over my bag as well but that’s why I try everything on before buying it.

Does anyone else have similar issues and if so, what have you found works for you?

Quite proud of myself for making it to and from town on my own and without my stick. I did a bit of clothes shopping for tops/dresses that would go nicely over my bag, found these two tops but decided to go for just the flowery one. I might go back and get the green later because it’s really comfy.

Got some clothes from a friend the other day. They fit really well and are so comfy, even with my bag. I’m really grateful to her; she even bought me a new skirt and top yesterday out of the blue! I feel a lot less self-conscious now when I go out because I have clothes that’ll cover my bag but not restrict it.