Stoma check all done. The nurse is very happy with how the blob is looking and how the convex bags are holding up much better than the flat ones. She’s given me some information on gentle exercises that I can do at home, as well as a prescription for a support belt. I’m hoping to go back to the gym at some point but I don’t want to do anything before the nurses say I’m ready. A support belt will help and I can always get other support items if I need them.

Third check-up

I had my third stoma check-up this morning. The nurse is really happy with how my stoma is looking at the moment; she said the separation her colleague noticed last time is normal and seems to be healing ok so she’s not worried. Next appointment is in three months unless I have any problems.

Also, I only have another week and a bit of steroids then I stop taking them (hopefully for the last time)! I can’t wait because it feels like I’ve been on them forever. They make my stomach and face bloat, both of which have gone down quite a bit now that I’ve tapered to a low dose, and my appetite goes from “meh, food” to “EAT EVERYTHING IN SIGHT!” so it’ll be nice to finally finish them once and for all.

Check up all done

Everything went well, the nurse isn’t concerned about my tiny bump because it’s not hot or red and it isn’t painful. She said it’s to do with the mucus fistula; it’s normal to get a little bit of mucus from the back passage, so to just go to the toilet if I get the urge to.

She is also happy with how the bag is after two days (so not corroding too much, ect) and how my stoma is looking. She said there’s a little separation around it but it’s nothing to worry about because it’ll heal over time. Once I’m off the steroids, it should heal a lot faster.

Next appointment is in three weeks (they couldn’t do four) which’ll be just before the London Expo Comic Con – which I have every intention of going to – so it’s probably best I get checked before I go, just in case.

I noticed a tiny bump just above my groin wound. It’s painless and doesn’t seem solid so it’s probably nothing to worry about, but I’m going to ask my stoma nurse about it anyway. I’ve got my second check up this afternoon so I can ask her about a few other things as well.