Pre-assessment all done!

They weren’t kidding when they said anywhere from two to four hours! The longest part was waiting to have my blood test (one and a half hours) but other than that, it was over pretty quickly. They almost forgot about me when I was waiting to see the anaesthetist but that was sorted after I asked at reception. They had to do an ECG because I still occasionally (and I mean very rarely) get palpitations but they’re not worried too much about that.

Bye bye hospital, see you in two days!

Despite having to give Zynaida (one of my furbabies) playtime at 3 o’clock this morning, I’m not as tired as I thought I’d be. I’m currently on my way to the hospital for a consultation with my new surgeon. Hopefully, we’ll just be forming a plan of action today. My other surgeon said he didn’t want to do anything until next year which is fine by me.
I’m also going to have another blood test to see if I need more iron infusions.

It’s been a couple of days since my iron infusion and although I don’t feel amazing, I also don’t feel as tired as I normally do. I think it’s working.
I guess we’ll see in a couple of weeks; I need to have another blood test to see if I have to have more infusions.

I had a full blood count done recently and because my iron is so low, they’ve booked me an iron infusion for a couple of weeks time. I’m hoping this won’t be a regular thing but I may have to have them every-so-often because my iron has always been low; I was anaemic all throughout my late teens/early twenties so I wouldn’t be surprised if they did want me to have more in the future.

Saw my GI this afternoon. He wants to check my magnesium, potassium and sodium levels but other than that, he’s quite happy with how I’m doing. Unfortunately, the blood test lab is closed now so I’ll have to go back to the hospital tomorrow to have that done. Hopefully, my levels will come back fine.

I went to the doctors for an ECG this afternoon because my resting heart rate has been abnormally high (between 100-130 bpm) since leaving the hospital. The nurse said although it’s steady, it is high so she showed my doctor and said it could be that my potassium levels have dropped again so I’m going to have a blood test tomorrow morning. I may have to start eating more bananas.