So, I turned 30 today…

I don’t normally post about my birthday and wasn’t planning on doing so for this one either but because it’s the day before my surgery I thought I’d write a little update.

I am nervous about going into hospital tomorrow, that’s obvious, but I’m trying not to think about it. It’s been a little hard to actually plan something for my birthday because of the upcoming surgery, but I’ve still managed to have a good day. I spent it with my sister and her partner in Lymington (which for those you don’t know is a little port town in the New Forest). We went to a tea room for scones with cream and jam and then had a look around the shops. I spent some vouchers I’d been saving on a new pair of shorts and a cute pair of earrings shaped like hotair balloon, and then walked by the pier for a bit before heading back home. We’re going out for a meal with my parents this evening which I think will be a great way to end a good day.

Had a really good birthday today. My fiance took me out for lunch at a new burger place and then we did a little bit of shopping before heading home to cool down and relax. It’s been a super hot day so we didn’t really want to do much. I’ve eaten most of a tub of ice cream and am contemplating if I should eat the rest.