5 Things That Make Me Happy



Andy @marines-sweat-hard tagged me to list 5 things that make me happy. One thing that would make me happy right now is getting my IBD under control, but pending my specialist appointment in two weeks, here’s my random list:

  1. Making people happy – I like to make people smile and feel valued.
  2. It’s lovely when people appreciate my efforts.
  3. Sunshine – I like being warm and I like to see the world sparkling.
  4. Good healthy food that includes treats like quality chocolate too.
  5. Reaching goals – that sense of satisfaction when you strive and achieve.

I will tag five folk who I know face health challenges but who strive and persist with grace @mynewnormaluc @runningwithcrohns @healthyontheinside @lifeaccordingtocrohns @natsufatsu

1. When my health is good (Good digestion, solid BMs, lots of energy)
2. Being of service to others.(Helping those in need esp w/health issues)
3. Being around loved ones.(Serotonin game is strong!)
4. Being out in nature. (Backpacking, camping, gardening)
5. Drinking matcha coconut milk lattes enjoyed with a spliff!

@mauveina @whatcanieat1

1. Being the healthiest I’ve been in over a year

2. Being with the people I love the most

3. Going outside when it’s warm

4. Cuddles with my furbabies

5. Baking cakes/cupcakes for no reason, just because

@sillyriceball @iamthesun @thatchronicfeeling

It took me all day because I had to take several breaks, but I made a banana and chocolate chip cake yesterday with whipped cream in the middle and chocolate cream and sprinkles on top.

I find cooking and baking relaxing and it gives me something to focus on whilst I recover.